Featured Speakers at MCMA

Keynote Speakers

Joelle Pineau

School of Computer Science, McGill University, Canada

Monte Carlo and Machine Learning in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

Magdalena Bazalova-Carter

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria, Canada

Monte Carlo Methods in Radiotherapy Innovations

Jan Schuemann

Department of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School, USA

Multi-scale Monte Carlo Simulations and Applications in Treatment Planning

Plenary & Invited Speakers

Shirin Abbasinejad Enger

Department of Radiation Oncology, McGill University, Canada

Monte Carlo based Treatment Planning in Brachytherapy

Anders Ahnesjö

Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, University of Uppsala, Sweden

Beam Modelling for Monte Carlo Dose Calculations

Anna Celler

Department of Radiology, University of British Columbia, Canada

Applications of Monte Carlo Simulations in Nuclear Medicine

Indrin Chetty

Department of Radiation Oncology, Henry Ford Health System, USA

Monte Carlo for External Photon and Electron Beam Dose Calculations in Radiotherapy

Pablo Cirrone

Laboratori Nazionali del Sud of INFN, Catania, Italy

Monte Carlo Methods in Particle Therapy

Susanna Guatelli

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, University of Wollongong, Australia

The use of Monte Carlo Methods in Microdosimetry

Iwan Kawrakow

Senior Director of Science, ViewRay Incorporated, USA

Parallel Monte Carlo Implementations

Lydia Maigne

Health, Environment and Energy Department, University Clermont Auvergne, France

The Role of Monte Carlo in Medical Imaging

Alan Nahum

Department of Physics, University of Liverpool, UK

The Role of Monte Carlo Methods in Dosimetry

Brigitte Reniers

Department of Industrial Engineering, Hasselt University, Belgium

The Role of Monte Carlo in Source and Patient Characterization in Brachytherapy

Francesc Salvat

Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Barcelona, Spain

Monte Carlo Codes, Physics, and Data

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